Gorilla Tracking Tours and Safaris in Africa

Gorilla safaris Tracking is anything but an adventure of a life time in Africa. placing your foot in the foot of the Silver back as you track the Mountain and wild from where they were left the previous day to the place where the Silver back led his group. Coming face to face with the majestic Mountain Gorillas is your epic trek worth it. Abacus Vacations take you face to face with the world’s rear “gentle giants” the Mountain Gorillas deep in the mountainous rainforests of Rwanda and Uganda.

Gorillas are the largest Apes and share 97% of human DNA
They recently occupies the entire area of central Africa until the ice age that split them and their come what we know as Eastern Gorillas, And western Gorillas that each of them was further divided into Western Gorillas (Western Lowland Gorillas and Cross River Gorillas) while Eastern Gorillas (Eastern lowland Gorillas and Mountain Gorillas)
There is about 800 mountain Gorillas remaining in the Wild and none in the zoo. Recently they have under gone a drastic drop in number due to poaching, diseases and clearing of their natural habitat for human settlement. And all this call on the need to protect these “Gentle giants” for future generations

Abacus Vacations take pleasure in taking you through the mountain gorilla tracking adventure. Every day is carefully planned between you and our safari expert to bring you the best experience on you safari. You should know that Gorilla permits are a greater demand and for any interest in Gorilla Tracking the permit is to be booked in advance as there is no last minute in Gorilla Tracking.